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Risk Warning

Accounts are leveled up with 3rd party software (“bot”) and there is a ban risk due to leveling process. The warranty period starts at the time of delivery and it is not possible to extend it. During the warranty period, if your account is suspended due to botting, ONLY ONE TIME REPLACEMENT is provided.

You may want to buy OLD ACCOUNTS for the lowest possible ban risk.

To reduce ban risk:

These steps will make it less likely to be noticed and reported by other players, but are not 100% guaranteed.

  • Change email and password before start playing (Preferably one, that wasn’t used with an another Riot Account)
  • Use some blue essence and change your summoner name, before you play! (Most important step)
  • Change your RIOT ID (very important)
  • Don’t play ranked immediately. Play 5-10 normal ‘blind pick’ summoners rift 5v5 or ARAM games before playing ranked.
  • Don’t chat ingame. The more you stand out, the higher the chances are you get reported / ticketed.
  • Do not contact with Riot Support.
  • Fast league climbing is not recommended on botted accounts
  • Never open a support ticket. Riot will investigate your account and you will high likely get banned.


Refund Policy

No refunds are offered. Due to account privacy and security, order cancellations/change cannot be made after delivery.

Replacements are available as long as warranty has not ran out. Should an account be locked under no circumstances will it be recovered – This is due to users buying accounts and reselling them without LOLUNRANKED.COM permission and having users try to have us recover the accounts back for them so that they may scam others. We will not under ANY circumstance recover a locked account for any reason – By purchasing an account from LOLUNRANKED.COM or visiting LOLUNRANKED.COM or speaking to its owners/associates you hereby agree to all of the above terms.


Warranties are offered based on the tier of the account you have purchased, our cheapest model has a 7 day warranty while the more expensive tiers includes lifetime warranty. The warranty period is stated in the product description.

Our warranties only covers bans related to botting, if your account has been banned for toxicity, scripting or any other offence it is not covered by the warranty.

Why warranty is not covering account sharing/trading bans ? – Because most of these issues caused because of reporting/ticketing own accounts from riot support using another email (There are people who ticket their own accounts to get a refund/replacement after losing games). Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to know whether you have done this or not. Since we cannot know what you do after purchasing the account, the responsibility here belongs to the buyer and it is not covered by the warranty if you are suspended due to account trade/sharing. 

If your purchased account has been banned for botting within the warranty period offered by us, you may claim a free replacement by creating a ticket in our discord server.

When you create a ticket to ask for a replacement, we require you to send a screenshot of the login screen on the banned account, with the LOLUNRANKED.COM website in the background.

We also require you to send the login credentials for us to manually confirm that the ban is valid to our warranty.

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